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About Us

   Deborah Deuel - Founding Director of Inner Soulutions

Motivated by her natural creativity, Deborah has been involved with some form of design throughout her entire life. Exploring a wide range of crafting skills  growing up from copper, leather and tile work, to ceramics, painting and sewing, Deborah also studied Fashion Design & Advertising in college.

Her love for color, textiles and design, inspired her to fulfil her dream of becoming an Interior Designer; nyiad-badge.pnggraduating from the New York Institute of Art & Design in 2013.Today, this creativity is applied to designing sound treatment rooms for Spas & Wellness Centers, as well as personal home design.

Artist, Writer, Designer - Deborah’s creativity also includes her own line of Custom Jewelry; working with the properties of gemstones to create one of a kind pieces. This however is only one aspect of Deborah’s interests. She has over 39 years of experience in business management; and over the years has volunteered with a variety of nonprofit organizations serving on executive boards, in management and fundraising positions.

Deborah’s ongoing achievement would have to be her living with a muscle movement disorder called Dystonia, which she has had since the age of 10. While exploring alternative ways to function with this painful disorder, Deborah received her Honors Diploma as a Natural Health Consultantin 1996, from the Stratford Business Institute in Toronto, Canada. Deborah’s education in alternative healing modalities includes certification: as a Reiki Master/Teacher, Vibrational Technologies TM, Therapeutic Touch and Inner Child Integration. Her studies also include Homeopathy, Regression Therapy, Shiatsu, Energy Balancing, Color Therapy, and 30 years studying Nutrition.

A Certified Sound & Energy Teacher/Practitioner, Deborah lectures and teaches in the field of sound and energy and counsels on spiritual empowerment and self-awareness. Her practitioner experience with these modalities also includes the numerous benefits to herself with control and the positive effects on her own condition, especially Vibroacoustic Therapy. This journey has also strengthened her natural empathic and intuitive skills. Deborah draws on this awareness and her experience of human nature; both from her personal successes living a full life with Dystonia and her healing/counselling work with others, to understand human nature and the awakening to Spiritual empowerment. As an author, Deborah profiles a lot of this wisdom and experience in her book entitled: Transcending Human Nature – Exploring the Human/Spiritual Journey of Who We Are.  Click Here to Purchase.      

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